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    Smoked Fish Dip

    A Delicious side Dip with Smoked White Fish

    Get ready to feel like you’re at the beach with this smoked fish dip. It’s BEYOND easy to make with only two steps and provides the perfect addition to any party or brunch with the family. Whether you pair it with crackers, vegetables, or bagels, this dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. You probably […] More

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    Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe

    An Amazing Pizza Recipe for Beginners and Intermediates

    This is a fail proof Pizza recipe with homemade dough and its so easy to make that its a success EVERY TIME. Its quick, its easy. You can make homemade pizza with this easy recipe today. Ingredients for Homemade Pizza Pizza is an Italian dish. The one thing that is a constant in all Mediterranean […] More

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    Authentic Greek Salad

    This is an Authentic Greek Salad recipe and once you make it it will be your go-to recipe. As half Cypriot and living for more than 20 years on the Island, Greek Salad is a staple in my diet.  I have spent a lot of time visiting Greece and Greek Islands in the last 20 […] More

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