About Me

Hello and welcome to My Urban Treats.

My name is Roman and I the guy behind My Urban Treats, I create the recipes, take the photos and write the posts. Cooking and especially baking has always been a passion of mine. As a kid my first dream job was being a Chef but I ended up in a Corporate Software Career.

Then 2020 came a long and suddenly here I was with a reduced work schedule due to Covid-19 and a three month lockdown which left me with a lot of time on my hands. And like many others, I started baking and cooking almost every day. Every time I posted a food Photo on social media, more and more people asked for the recipe. And this is how My Urban Treats was born.

As I am writing this post, Urban Treats has more than 100 recipes in many different categories, I post one to two recipes every week and donate all my full size cakes to local charity shops.

So a bit more about me, I have two teenage Kids Christina & Phillip. Christina is the oldest, she loves sciences especially anything related to the Universe or Space. She is also very artistic, plays the piano and loves drawing.

Philip is the sporty one, he’s an amazing mountain biker and skate boarder. He also loves working out and is super fit. Another amazing fact about Philip is that he learns lightning fast. This year he picked up my acoustic guitar and learned playing songs in a couple of weeks.

The nitty gritty details:

  • Traveling is a big part of my life, over the last six years I have visited more than 20 countries. All the way from the US to Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  • I live on a small Island in the Mediterranean sea. We have recently moved to a small village where we have a house with a large garden. Our next project is planting an organic garden where we will grow our own produce.
  • We have recently adopted a little dude called Dio. Dio is a Labrador Chow Chow that we recused from the local animal rescue centre. We have also adopted two cats, Lucky and Luna.
  • I love Movies especially horror and science fiction movies. My favourite films of all time are: The original Star wars Trilogy, Shindlers List, Indiana Jones especially Raiders of the lost ark.
  • I am also an avid gamer although I haven’t had much time to play games recently. If you ask me PlayStation or Xbox, the answer is definitely PC.
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