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    Gugelhupf Cake

    Traditional Austrian Bundt Cake

    My latest recipe brought back a lot of memories from growing up in Vienna. Both my Mom and Grandma always made an amazing Gugelhupf Cake. I fondly remember having a slice of cake with a cup of hot cocoa while watching the Smurfs. So today I am sharing my families Gugelhupf recipe passed down from […] More

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    Oven Pork Shank with BBQ Sauce

    Slow Oven Roasted BBQ Pork Shanks

    Pork Shanks are full of flavour and can be tender and juicy if cooked well. They are a part of the forearm that is well developed and has strong muscles. Pork shanks need to be cooking for longer periods than other meat cuts to make them nice and tender. Today I am sharing my recipe […] More

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    Austrian Doughnuts – Faschingskrapfen

    Also known as Berliner Doughnuts

    Faschingskrapfen, (also known as Berliner Doughnut) are a traditional German and Austrian sweet yeast dough pastry. The name translates to carnival doughnut and traditionally Faschingskrapfen where only available during the carnival season. But since they are so popular, you can now get them anytime in any bakery in Austria. These fluffy and light little doughnuts […] More

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    Moist Chocolate Cake

    I have based this recipe on a traditional Austrian cake recipe. Traditionally these are baked in small pudding forms. If you have enough space to poach (yes poach) the form then you can make a bigger size cake too. This chocolate ganache cake is so rich in flavour that you will simply love every single […] More

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