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    Homemade Apple Pie Recipes from scratch

    Im not saying this is the BEST Apple Pie recipe BUT…

    Apple Pie has always had a very special place in my heart (and belly). My mother used to bake all different types of Apple Pie, from Austrian Strudel to English Homemade apple pie from scratch (which was also my favourite) apple pie was often on the menu. So today we are learning how to make […] More

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    The Ultimate Carrot Cake Recipe

    Easy to make with amazing texture and flavour

    Carrot Cake is one of my all-time favourite types of cake, so it comes to no surprise that I tried an uncountable amount of recipes to arrive at what I consider the Ultimate Carrot cake recipe. This carrot cake is super soft and moist with a lovely walnut flavour. I add some bigger chopped walnut […] More

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