Four Delightful Desserts from Austria

My four favourite Austrian Desserts

If you are looking for something delightful and sweet, then this is the right post for you. Austria is well known for its cuisine especially when it comes to desserts. So today we are rounding up our four favourite delightful desserts from Austria.


I am starting this roundup with my all-time favourite dessert from Austria. I know I am killing the suspension here but each and every recipe in this list is dear to me. And I couldn’t possibly say one is better than the other. Punschkrapfen are quite close to me not only because of their flavour, but also because of the many stories from childhood that accompany them.

Right outside our building block in Vienna, was an Anker bakery. They always had my favourite desserts and snacks. Once a week mom would take me to choose something, and there it was the little fondant square. Sugary on the outside and moist on the inside. The perfect combination of flavour and texture.

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I have tried my best to replicate this delicious dessert, and here is my recipe. I am probably going to adjust this a little every time I make it so stay tuned for updates.

Austrian Punschkrapfen
A traditional Austrian dessert made with eggs, apricot jam and rum or grand mariner. These delicious little treats are also known as fondant squares and are
Check out this recipe
Austrian Punschkrapfen Fondant Cakes Homemade

Mohr im Hemd

Mohr im Hemd is an Austrian dessert that is rich in chocolate flavour. It is made out of chocolate, crumbs, eggs and sugar topped with double whipped cream. The cake is traditionally steamed and served in small bundt cake shapes.

As a child we would drive our camper out to Neusidl am See in Burgenland, a lake in a region of Austria that borders Hungary. A little restaurant on the shore made amazing Mohr im Hemd and the highlight of the weekend was always a dessert in the late afternoon by the sea.

Moist Chocolate Cake
Austrian style poached chocolate ganache cake, rich in flavour with LOTS of chocolate
Check out this recipe

Austrian Krapfen

These are traditionally made during carnival season, however in recent years they have been available year around. Krapfen or Fashings krapfen are yeast donuts filled with vanilla cream or jam and dusted with icing sugar.

They a fluffy and light texture and a signature white line around the middle. These are a must have for anyone who wants to try the Austrian dessert cuisine.

Austrian Doughnuts – Krapfen
This is my favourite Austrian Doughnut recipe, pretty easy to make and everyone will love it
Check out this recipe

Gugelhupf or Bundt Cake

This dessert goes back to medieval times in Austria. Made popular by Kaiser Franz Joseph and Marie Antoinette it is a dessert that was served at formal events and weddings. The Authentic recipe is based on a yeast dough but adaptations are available with an easier baking powder recipe.

An Austrian Gugelhupf would have almonds, rosewater and raisins in it. As kids we liked none of those things so my grandma adapted the recipe to my favourite flavours. Chocolate and Vanilla. Instead of raisings… Chocolate Chips. A great and easy recipe anyone can master.

Gugelhupf Cake
A traditional Austrian bundt cake made with
Check out this recipe

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Written by Roman Horwarth

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6 months ago

This cake is Amazing! Light, moist and not overly sweet. For a first, I made an all vanilla and love the flavor. This one is already in my « favorites » for a second lemon flavored try. Thank you Roman.


Gugelhupf Cake

Oreo Chocolate Chip Cheesecake