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Hi, My Urban Treats is a Recipe website focused on bringing you tried and tested original recipes that you can recreate in easy to follow steps. We aim to bring you 3-4 new recipes every week along with a Cooking or Baking Video on the UrbanTreats YouTube channel every Wednesday.

In the Blog section of My Urban Treats you will find, Tips, Tricks, Product Reviews, guest posts and interviews as well as another kitchen-related information,

What is “My Urban Treats” ?

I have always been an avid cook and baker but lead a busy corporate business life with not much time for my cooking passion. When Covid-19 arrived I like many others found myself with a lot of time on my hands and instead of spending my time watching TV or browsing social media, I began to create Urban Treats. My Urban Treats is a place where you can find recipes, learn home cooking and baking or join our Facebook Group and share ideas, questions and find or give support to other food enthusiasts.

Why don’t you have so many recipes?

It’s no secret, My Urban Treats is new in town. I started this website along with my YouTube channel about a month ago (May 2020). Instead of filling the page with random recipes, I decided to go the hard way, I only upload recipes I have tried, tested and my friends and family approve of. Each and every recipe found on this website is cooked or baked, tried, tested and photographed by myself.

While this limits the number of recipes I can post on a weekly basis, it also keeps the quality of my recipes to my high standards. So, for now, there are a few but great recipes.

The whole loaf!

My Urban Treats is made up of the recipe website, my YouTube channel and my Social Media channels. Here is how it works:

myurbantreats.com – here I post 3 – 4 recipes every week. My favourite recipe of that week is filmed and posted on my YouTube channel

https://youtube.com/c/UrbanTreats – A new recipe video every Wednesday

https://www.facebook.com/groups/myurbantreats – My FaceBook group where you can interact with me and other community members. Help Others, post your recipes, show your kitchen stories and ask for support from your community. No self-promotion, give more than you take 😉

Share your thoughts, reviews and Ideas

My Urban Treats is not a monologue, share your comments on recipes, review them, post pictures of your success or failures (we all get them) Share ideas, comment and interact with me. It will be my pleasure to meet and talk with each and every one of you.

Best Regards


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