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My Latest Recipes!

Easy Lunch & Dinner Recipes

Are you looking for something easy yet delicious for Lunch or Dinner? Why not try one of our top ranking recipes. Below you will find the most cooked and easiest Recipes from My Urban Treats. Ranked and Updated daily.

Roman Horwarth

Hi There,

Welcome to my food blog, If you like cooking and baking then you are in the right place. My name is Roman, I live on a small Island in the mediterranean and I spend my time cooking, baking, singing and Mountain biking. Stick around and check out my recipes, and if you want to know more about me click here.


Kitchen Tips and Tricks & Reviews

Looking for some new kitchen tips? Then we have the right articles just for you. Read new posts every week with cooking tricks, Home Kitchen tips and Kitchen reviews

Latest Recipes

  • Closeup of Homemade tater tots
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    Tater Tots Recipe

    Tater Tots are similar to hashbrowns, the main differences are the size, shape and flavouring of Tater Tots. Today I am sharing my recipe for Crispy crunchy Homemade Tater Tots. Lets get started 🙂 What are Tater Tots? Tater Tots are crunchy little grated potato cylinders spiced with garlic, onion and oregano fried in vegetable […] More

  • Austrian Punschkrapfen Fondant Cakes Homemade

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    Punschkrapfen Recipe from Austria

    One of my favourite parts of growing up in the centre of Vienna was the rich cuisine and most of all desserts. There where just too many amazing dishes for me to have a favourite dish, but if I had to tell you my favourite Viennese desserts it would be: Grandma’s Topfen Palantschinken (Curd cheese […] More

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    Smoked Fish Dip

    Get ready to feel like you’re at the beach with this smoked fish dip. It’s BEYOND easy to make with only two steps and provides the perfect addition to any party or brunch with the family. Whether you pair it with crackers, vegetables, or bagels, this dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. You probably […] More

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    Cake in a Mug: Vanilla

    This is my go-to recipe when I need cake urgently and don’t have the time or energy to bake a full triple layer cake (or wash a sink full of dishes). making Vanilla Mug Cake is beyond easy and you can get super creative with this recipe. I have named this one Cake in a […] More

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    Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe

    This is a fail proof Pizza recipe with homemade dough and its so easy to make that its a success EVERY TIME. Its quick, its easy. You can make homemade pizza with this easy recipe today. Ingredients for Homemade Pizza Pizza is an Italian dish. The one thing that is a constant in all Mediterranean […] More

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    Oreo In a Cookie Recipe

    How can you possibly improve an Oreo cookie? The answer is you bake it into an american style cookie. This Oreo in a Cookie Recipe is probably the BEST cookie you will ever taste (except my Maltesers cookie maybe). I am using Urban Treats all-time favourite cookie dough which I have perfected over the past […] More

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    Austrian Doughnuts – Faschingskrapfen

    Faschingskrapfen, (also known as Berliner Doughnut) are a traditional German and Austrian sweet yeast dough pastry. The name translates to carnival doughnut and traditionally Faschingskrapfen where only available during the carnival season. But since they are so popular, you can now get them anytime in any bakery in Austria. These fluffy and light little doughnuts […] More

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