Hi, I hope you are enjoying my recipes and blog posts. Since I launched My Urban Treats in May of 2020, I continuously try to improve not only the recipes but also the features of my blog. Since there are a lot of features and many might not be so obvious, I have prepared this page to help you utilise these features. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvements, please contact me. I am always happy to hear from a reader and all suggestions are welcome.

Feature Index

Recipes Features

All features lined out here are available on recipes in general, As some features like the “timers” where added at a later stage, they might not be available on all recipes.

US Customary / Metric Measurement

Each Recipe has a “US Customary” and Metric Button. Clicking this button changes the measurement metric from US Cups to European Metric System.

Recipe Multiplier

This button enables you to multiple the recipe by 1, 2 or 3.

Step Timers

Clicking the Recipe Timer link will start a timer according to the time of the step lined out in the instructions.

Read Later & My Favourites

The Read Later and My Favourites buttons are available on the bottom of each recipe. These buttons allow you to add recipes to a custom list that is private to you only. The available lists are “Read Later” or “My Favourites”.

You can access the respective lists via the relative link on the top right of the menu bar. Please note that you have to be a registered user to access this feature. You can register using the user icon on the top right of the Menu Bar.

User Registration

You can register on My Urban Treats with one of the following methods:

  • Social Media Registration
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
  • Email Registration

Being a registered member will enable the following features on My Urban Treats:

  • Read Later & My Favourites Functionality
  • Custom Profile with Profile Image
    • Enables Image on commenting
  • Connect with other users on My Urban Treats

Print Recipe

You can view a printer friendly version of the recipe using the “Print Recipe” button at the begin of every recipe. You can also choose to create an email link, add or remove images from printing, add or remove instructional images from printing and also increase the measurement amount by portion.

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