Frequently Asked Questions

Are baking powder and soda the same?

The short answer is no, they are not. While they are both levelling agents that help lighten cake textures and increase volume, they work in a different way.

Baking Powder is a mixture of Carbonate and Acid. Albeit a weak acid and reacts when in contact with any liquid such as milk, sour cream, heavy cream or lemon juice. Baking Soda on the other hand requires an activating agent and a liquid to react.

So when to use what? Baking powder is used in recipes that don’t contain any acidic ingredients as it contains its own activating agent. Baking Soda is used in recipes that already contain acidic content such as buttermilk or cream of tartar.

Is my baking pan dishwasher safe?

Most baking pan’s are NOT dishwasher safe. Check for a “dishwasher safe” label or marking before washing it in the dishwasher. Caution, washing a non-dishwasher safe pan in the dishwasher can not only destroy the aesthetics of the utensil, it can also remove protective films that prevent chemicals from leaking in to your foods.

Can cake batter be frozen?

Cake batter that has been levelled in some way or form is most likely NOT freezable. The freezing process will pop any bubbles created using baking soda, powder or by whipping eggs. Once you unfreeze the dough it will be flat and the cake likely wont raise.

Most kneaded dough’s however can be frozen and will hold in the freezer for several months.

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